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lol, I took Eric Cartman singing “Pokerface” and lowered the pitch back to Trey Parker doing the voice, and it’s pretty awesome. I feel like you can hear him laugh-sing at some points.

ETA: It’s just Lady Gaga at the bridge, so she sounds messed up in this, lol.

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Happy Birthday Edgar Wright.


Happy Birthday Edgar Wright.

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Happy 40th birthday, Edgar! 


Happy 40th birthday, Edgar! 

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thousands of flower petals covering a town, blasted from a neighboring volcano, in Costa Rica.

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For my photography class I did series of self-portraits in which I attempted to portray culture and counterculture for the past 10 decades. This is the product of that idea…

This is SO COOL oh man.

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They say “don’t play the race card” as they lay out their WHITE SILENCE LIMITED EDITION HOLOGRAPHIC DECK across the table.


*plays the Blue-Eyed White Misogyny card* *follows up with Reverse Racism trap card* *negates your Dark Magician with a We Have It Hard Too defense +3000*

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if only everyone was more like bo


if only everyone was more like bo

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Did he fucking decapitate someone?

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when white people wear bindis for fashion

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whenever people say they dont like cats because they dont happily greet you at the door i give them the stinkiest eye

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My cousin Helen, who is in her 90s now, was in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. She and a bunch of the girls in the ghetto had to do sewing each day. And if you were found with a book, it was an automatic death penalty. She had gotten hold of a copy of ‘Gone With the Wind’, and she would take three or four hours out of her sleeping time each night to read. And then, during the hour or so when they were sewing the next day, she would tell them all the story. These girls were risking certain death for a story. And when she told me that story herself, it actually made what I do feel more important. Because giving people stories is not a luxury. It’s actually one of the things that you live and die for.
 Neil Gaiman  (via inkheartsilence)

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